Tuesday, February 17, 2009

off to memphis in the morning....ticketed the trip to china in may, very exciting and excited. that does not preclude me from taking the long awaited nov excursion, that one is still on the books, too. all comers welcome: first stop bali, then hong kong and tokyo. Though a couple of days in hkg in may might allow two stops in japan this fall. would love to go north. TBD, as they say.

interestingly, the only upcoming trip causing stress is memphis. why? no one at the conf has been able to tell me which hotel they've booked me into. it keeps changing- crowne plaza to westin to cp to? cp is closer, westin nicer. i have status at both, who cares? Not me at this point...i just want to avoid wandering into the conf, suitcase in hand.

now, back to our regularly scheduled workday already in progress.


Blogger M said...

How's Memphis? Your Asia trip sounds wonderful. Sigh.

5:59 AM  

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