Friday, March 31, 2006

i don't know how i happened to miss it, but anthony bourdain did a washington post chat yesterday. You NEED to read the whole thing, but here are a few tidbits to tide you over.

St. Paul, Minn.: I know you appreciate food and can put away large quatities in one sitting. How do you manage to keep trim? I don't get the impression that exercising with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth is the answer.

Anthony Bourdain: My diet and health regime is as follows: a healthy breakfast of coffee and cigarettes, a big lunch, sensible dinner. I don't snack. I don't eat Cheese Doodles. I don't eat Pringles and I'm not into desserts and sweats. I call it the Keith Richards exercise plan. Every day that Keith Richards sill walks this earth is a validation of my workout regimen.

Hawaii: Will you ever travel to Hawaii and check out the spam craze?

Anthony Bourdain: Then I would have to eat a lot of Spam and I would rather have sex with a crackhead clown an ebola-infected spider monkey than eat Spam on a regular basis. Does Spam qualify as food or bulding material?

Austin, Texas: What do you say to someone who does not enjoy food?

Anthony Bourdain: I'm guessing they're not too good in the sack either. What a terrible thing to contemplate.

Honestly, he's the man of my dreams.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

this has not been a great day. It started with me hearing some news about my brother that prompted this email exchange:

the note from me to him:
"Subject: unfair unfair unfair

very unfair.

here i am, the biggest baseball fan in the family, shut out of three opening days (boston, dc, baltimore). and you, who never would even go to a dodgers game with me in la, are flying across the country to see the mets open the season.

at least that's some consolation. It's the mets."

his response:
Thanks!! I finally was able to stop laughing!!

; )"

turns out he's in charge of the finance issue for the new mets stadium. So, this means that his flights, hotels, etc are all being reimbursed...since they are his client. And he's spending saturday night at some big charity deal with the team.

unfair unfair unfair.

but not as unfair as what happened to me later. I check my AA statement, waiting for those 30k bonus miles. You know, the ones I'm owed because i fufilled the promotion. The deal that had me fly between dal and some other city three times. You know, the one i signed up for the minute i read about it and realized i was going to be in texas.

Oh, you mean the one that you don't see I signed up for. Two very nice customer service people are looking into it for me, but don't hold your breath is the answer I received. That'll teach me to be extra anal and print copies of everything. You know, the kind of anal you never are until you don't get the 30k miles that you spent two days and several hundred dollars to earn.

it's spring

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

from the opry. Not the greatest of photos, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Monday, March 27, 2006

RIP, Buck. I am bummed by this one....i've managed to see most of my music idols in concert, but never got to see Buck Owens. Thought about going out to bakersfield a few times in the last two years, but figured I had time.

Here's a link to a wonderful radio feature about buck:

But don't listen yet. First, listen to that "act naturally," then read the following:
“Act Naturally,” recorded in 1963, started Buck Owens’ streak of 15 consecutive Number One country singles, and twenty-one number ones in total. Buck Owens’ died at 76 Saturday (March 25), hours after taking the stage at his Crystal Theater in Bakersfield, California, and playing some of the songs that rocked Nashville on its boot heels back in the 1960s.

Listening to “Act Naturally” more than 40 years after its release, it’s hard to imagine that song could annoy anyone, but as VOA’s Katherine Cole reports, the man with the red, white and blue guitar was considered a maverick in country music in 1963."

Then click on the listen link, and I think you'll hear the story as the writer intended.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

where is spring??? we all froze in nashville this weekend, though it's probably in the mid 50's today. Enough! Bring on the sun, while you're at it.

a lovely weekend, the opry was fun, the greencards sounded great, and it was a treat to see connie smith and gene watson. both were in fine voice!

i went to the wonderful downtown nashville library yesterday, and managed to run into a friend and his kids. I joined them for lunch at provence (the great cafe at the library), and killed a few hours hanging with them. Provence was a godsend during ibma...on the saturday of the conference, ruth and rob and i spent close to 4 hrs there. Why go anywhere else? We sat, drinking coffee (and later having lunch)...and everyone we wanted to see showed up to grab a cup. So, we stayed dry, warm, and comfy, and everyone came to us, whether they planned to or not!

i'm killing some time at an overcrowded starbucks near vandy....i'd forgotten what self important jerks college students should be. Sprawled over four chairs, when one would do, leaving trash on the tables and yapping on and on about the latest drama trauma. One did ask before removing an unused chair from my table, but another took it as if it was a god given right.

i'd love an earlier flight back to dc, but my only choice was 8, 1 or 6.

btw, had a lovely lunch on friday with my friend mona. We ate at The Yellow Porch. If you're visiting town, you'll need a car. Food and service was very good, and the company was a-one.

Friday, March 24, 2006

today: off to nashville, using that UA cert gained from my sister. Thanks!

opry tonite---the greencards are playing for the second time. It's only 7 minutes or so, but we'll be excited all day. It's very cool to be watching the opry from the back, or side stage....not as cool as if it were back at the ryman, but still....

so, i get very ambitious and clear out my united airlines account by booking a first class trip to australia next jan-feb (the 23rd to the 10th, to be exact---14 days off work). Into mel, and out of syd...with my intention really being to go to new zealand. or to tasmania again.

I may change it to try and get directly into nz, as i land in melbourne just in time for the end of the australian open.

or, would it be fun to experience that?????

anyone up for coming along????

i'd actually like to try to get out later in that week, and only take 10 or so days off work.

and then again i may end up cancelling the whole thing, who knows.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I am finding this, from the onion, very amusing. But perhaps only to former history students.....

Franz Ferdinand Frontman Shot By Gavrilo Princip Bassist

March 17, 2006 | Issue 42•12
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND—Lead singer and guitarist for pop band Franz Ferdinand, Alexander Kapranos, is in critical condition today after being shot by a man identified as the bassist for rock group Gavrilo Princip. "We ask fans to cooperate with Interpol to find the assailant, and call upon British Sea Power, Snow Patrol, and The Postal Service for help," drummer Paul Thompson told music magazine NME Monday. "The suspect had links to The Decemberists and The Libertines, and we are following up on all leads." It is unclear whether the shooting was linked to The Polyphonic Spree's invasion of Belgium earlier this week.
© Copyright 2006, Onion, Inc. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I can't believe I haven't shared this: my real highlight of Sxsw. Friday was just a fantastic day. First I met marshall chapman, then I met her great friends. We then hung in the hyatt lobby for long enough that I missed the BMI Brunch, a "to die for" invite. And I also missed some other party. But we had fun, drank coffee, and then took of for a yummy lunch at manuels.

But that wasn't the best part. It came when the four of us piled up the steps at The Speakeasy for the end of a party that my friend Lisa at the press network invited me to. (Marshall had her own invite)

I walked in the door...just in time to see (and hear) al anderson lighting into "Get Rhythm." Al and his very loud five piece band. We went crazy, all us old people. To paraphrase a southern friend of mine: "I thought i'd died and gone to heaven." Only seeing nrbq circa 1980 could have been more perfect. Maybe 77.

NRBQ was such a part of my college years. I was one of those music geeks who thought Al was crazy for leaving...but he's gone on to such success as a songwriter that it's egg on my face for even thinking such a thing. And as al reminded us "I'm 58, i weigh 285 pounds and I'VE GOT A RECORD DEAL IN NASHVILLE."


His performance at that party was just the best. THE BEST!

i feel somewhat awful about it, but i just had to pitch a fit at the grocery store.

I was at the shopper's near's a discounted grocery store. All i needed was paper products....ziploc (Oops, is that a trademark?) bags to be exact. There was an endcap display offering gallon storage bags (hefty, i think. maybe glad, i don't remember) at 2 for 4 bucks. So, i picked up two. and they rang up at 2.55 each.

Sigh. I told the guy, nope 2 for 4. He told me he'd have to stop checking me, and go find the display...which is half a giant grocery store away. (not giant food store, which i hate also...just big)
i told him to forget it...and that I was tired of having at least one item scan incorrectly each time i shopped at the store.

he told me to take it up with the manager. So, I did. He apologized for the mistake, and offered me one box of bags free. I took him up on it, and told him he was offering fine customer service...

Most of the employees of that store are fantastic workers. Always cheerful and helpful. And the store itself is clean and bright, with wide aisles. It's cut rate, but not where you'd think.

Monday, March 20, 2006

just a quick note to say I've seen the future of rock and role....and it is "the flairz."

more to follow....

so, everyone wants me to round up emergency back-up earbuds. Any in particular? I hate things in my ears, and am very concerned about:
a:leakage---no one needs to hear what i'm listening to
b: hearing damage. I want to be able to hear what I'm listening to, and clearly. But not if i have to crank up the volume to 11 in order to do so.

isn"t this the was kind of cool and rainy on saturday and sunday --- very un-austin-like. And today? my departure day? sunny and mid 70's.

i'm going home to cold, and perhaps some snow, and i don't like that idea at all!

Looking back at SXSW 2006, my first comment is "too big." Almost too big to comprehend. I know a few journalists who were unable to get into shows they were to review because too many others beat them through the door. Luckily, one made that comment to a Statesman (or was it chronicle?) reporter, and it made it into one of the recaps.

I didn't have that problem, probably because i stuck to lesser known acts, or old peoples music.

did i mention seeing the current derailers at a party Saturday? great set, looking forward to the cd.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

i am to understand that the long awaited premiere of doctor who in the US came off as scheduled...but that US tv has done the show a great disservice by cutting the shows to fit in a commercial riddled schedule, and stopping for breaks at all.

you should see this as auntie beeb and russell t davis intended: sans breaks. go buy the dvds from or, wait til they're available in the us this summer.

tension is lost completely by commercial breaks, and plots are ruined by slicing minutes here and there. God knows what they'll do to captain hotness and the innuendo squad.

hmmm. don't know what that marshall chapman link didn't work.
it is .

greetings still from austin. i am so tired that I have no idea what day it is.

i feel like such a wimp: back at the hotel by 12:30 each night/morning, because i just can't stay awake any longer! of course, i'd probably be doing better if i didn't schedule work stuff at 9 am.

yesterday's highlight: spending a few hours with the fabulous marshall chapman:
her book is delightful, her new album wonderful. She's the first woman i ever saw play an electric guitar, back at the paradise sometime during the years I was in college. Perhaps lee can remember that?????

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

you know that i have been shopping for a dress to wear to charles and amy's wedding. well, i found two "maybes" at nordstrom today.

here's one: picture it in black

and the other--picture it in royal blue.

i could probably buy both for the price of one dress at "the store." I was amazed at how well made they were for the price. We're not talking target prices, but it isn't neiman's, either.

from the "you learn something new every day" file: blogger on a mac works best with firefox for the mac. It gives you all the neat little buttons for hyperlinks and photo uploads and spellcheck----buttons that are missing with ie for mac, and safari.

so, there is now a little hyperlink in my earlier post about the resentments. it's so easy to visit their website---you have no excuses now!

on the docket today: an interview with hank williams III, and a reception with the governor.

and i've got to buy a new toothbrush, too ---the one i brought just took a swim in the toilet.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a curious reader asked: "Tell me more about The Resentments."

ok, here they are.

a wonderful group of austin luminaries, who get together every sunday night to amuse themselves, and a sell out crowd.

from left to right: Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Jon Dee Graham, Bruce Hughes, Stephen Bruton, John Chipman.

samples at:

All three albums are worth buying.

what did we do last night? Sheree, Jolanyne (the girls from calgary) and I went to the Saxon to see Raf play with bob schneider. Unfortunately, it was so packed that we couldn't see a thing. So, we sat in the back room by the pool table and enjoyed ourselves.

more later---i've got a party to get to.

Monday, March 13, 2006

greetings from the cheery admiral's club at aus!

the canadian girls loved going to the saxon pub last night! I introduced them to "the resentments." ( Anyone coming to austin would benefit from attending their sunday night show.

Had a chance to check in with jdg ( me to give him a call later this week, pleased that "someone i can stand" is in town for the desperation derby.

but best laid plans and all that: got up far too early (5:30) for my little jaunt to dal and stl.decided to bring the computer, so i could continue watchin the original Cracker. Noticed my bose headphones weren't in the i figured i'd grab them from the truck. (yes, again i rent an intermediate car, again i end up with a new suv. glad i'm not paying for the gas!)

but i finally get through security, up to the club, online...only to realize i don't have the headphones. Oh well...good thing i've got the paper, and stopped at bookpeople!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

oh, so far so good. Today started with a quick jaunt up to dallas and back----part of the aa 30k luv field promo I've signed up for. Then, i met up with my two pals from calgary for tacos and a bit of gospel, austin style. took them to the airport to pick up wheels, then i went back to check into the hyatt. my beloved 16th floor is still being renovated, so i'm in a 9th floor suite. no balcony, but the extra room is nice. these rooms have not been touched in years, and look very mid 80s. (though, in truth, soft furnishings have been changed since then)

they're hoping the renovated floor will be open for business tomorrow.

then it was off to curras for some avocado margaritas with raf and shannon, who will soon depart austin for sunny la. we were joined by derek lewis, wonderful keyboard player.

now i'm back, off to the saxon to see the resentments with the calgary girls.

i have already missed two of my "must do's" and it's only sunday.

Friday, March 10, 2006

my head is already in austin, but my bag isn't packed yet.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

from the "it must be spring" department:

i had my first crocus sighting today.

and my first pedicure of the year this evening.

next on the agenda: spring fever!

and speaking of tv casting....

this just in from the NY Post

"-Across the pond Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs, who co-starred as
Sybill Fawlty and Manuel ("He's from Barcelona") in John Cleese's
classic Britcom "Fawlty Towers," are reuniting for a BBC Four
adaptation of the Evelyn Waugh drama, "Mr. Love day's Outing."

ready, set, torrent.

i received this from a friend today....the subject line was: don't you know this guy?

"MEN IN TREES (ABC) - Abraham Benrubi (Jerry Markovic on "ER") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, about a shrink (Anne Heche) who moves to Elmo, Alaska after her husband cheats on her only to find herself surrounded by available men. He'll play the owner of the town bar in the Warner Bros. Television-based project, which comes from creator Jenny Bicks, director James Mangold and fellow executive producer Cathy Konrad. Emily Bergl, Derek Richardson and James Tupper also star."

well, yes. Abe is the son of Asher, an old workmate. I think he was 14 or 15 when I first met him, and determined to be an actor. His folks agreed to let him go to LA for a year before college. If i remember correctly, he was given a year to give it a try...and quckly found work (and lots of it!).

Good on ya, Abe!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lee and i have been talking about the new doctor who, soon to air on the sci fi channel.

i saw it first in the UK, and---not knowing what i was watching---decided i liked it! Imagine my shock when I discovered I was enjoying doctor who. I mean, me!

she's just seen the first episode, thanks to some scandalous downloader. But lucky lee, she's seeing the show was executive producer russell t davis intended: as a 45 minute block, sans commercials. The breaks will really ruin the flow, kill the tension, etc. Better to buy the boxed set from, or wait til it's out in the us this summer. I'm told the set is well worth the price, the commentary on the episodes alone is worth the price of admission.

btw, we like the doctor better with hair. I mean, we like Chris Eccleston better when he's got hair.

does that make us shallow? I think not. we also appreciate the way he emotes. now you can, too.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i'm trying to remember, did i even explain the "why" behind my saturday shopping trip? On June 2nd, my wonderful nephew charles (not to be confused with my wonderful nephew bob), is marrying the equally wonderful (and equally smart!) amy. Which means I'll now have a niece, two nephews, a nephew-in-law, and a niece-in-law. And that i'll have to start writing down birthdays!

Everyone loves a celebration, and I know this one will be wonderful. hooray!

i've gotten lots done today...because the phone system is down, and no one has been able to call in! all in all, that's not a good thing, but it works for me today.

actually, it's been fixed now. But i've gotten so much done that I could spend the rest of my time on the phone and still feel like i've accomplished something.

What did i do? Finally edited down the marty stuart interview from last month. padded it out with music, and it'll work for two programs...I'll do the voiceover tomorrow, and then be covered while in Austin.

on the downside, my old work buddy celeste clark died on sunday, colon cancer. We hadn't been in touch much the past few years, but I have often told stories about the (hysterical) laughter filled dinners I shared with Celeste and Carol p. I have just learned the service is tomorrow afternoon...I don't know if I can make it to Leesburg, but I'll try.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

what a boring day! loads and loads of wash as I get ready for the trip to austin, followed by hours of trying to figure out how to resync some dvd audio. I've got some avi downloads that need the sound sync corrected. Can't extract the audio because of some corrupt frustrating! i'm now trying to reencode as dvds...but i'll be doubly annoyed if all this time spent turns out to be worthless.

any thoughts? I'm trying on both the pc and the mac.

i'll amend this to say i can adjust the audio when i'm using the vlc on the pc...but i'd prefer to be able to burn the corrected files.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

today should have been spent finding warm weather clothes to wear in austin next week....unearthing them, I should say. Instead, i spent time worrying about what to wear to amy and charles' wedding in june. I went to "the store,' and nothing was available...though they think some dresses will come in before mid april...which is my deadline. I had glanced around lord and taylor last week, and everything looked cheap. poor construction and bad tailoring. I will not look like I don't know how to dress at this event, i just won't do it. I will not settle for something that will "do," when I can do better.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

tragedy over. disregard the post that was here! Verizon stopped choking on the mail i was sending lee!

what else? well, this is something else that will interest lee. I had a long conversation last night about rockpile. I was talking with my friends after their gig when robbie the guitarist started playing a song from that life changing CD. That woke me up! I'm sure everyone else thought we were crazy as we continued to rave in shorthand. "oh those crazy old folks" was being thought, I'm sure!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

you're right, i haven't posted in a few days. Why? because i am so very boring that I can't even get excited about anything i've done lately.

that said, i'm heading out in a few hours to drive to annapolis to see my friends the greencards. i'll get there sometime during soundcheck, then we'll have dinner, catch up, and then i'll watch the show. i hope there's a decent crowed, it's the first time they've headlined the rams head.

and you're right! again! I haven't brought up the arrested development news. Because i'm afraid to jinx things.