Monday, May 15, 2006

i am back, but quite weary. I had a great visit with charlie, marie and the kids - - even if i did use most of the kleenex in their house. As predicted, reunion attendance was awful...but the good news is we doubled our class participation. yes, three people showed up...a fourth had registered, but he never made it.

and a few others might have been hampered by the weather---so much rain that mass (and some other ne states) are under a state of emergency. But, as chuck pointed out last night, that wouldn't have stopped any harvard alums from making reunion.

Charlie drove me to the airport at 6 the pouring rain. we drove past BU's grad site...those poor parents! spending over 100k on a college degree, and getting drowned on graduation day.

the penn graduation was super---the weather shifted and we had sun for the second half of the ceremony. It was good, but loooong, as they read out all 800+ MBA names. Thank god we didn't go to amy's ceremony, there were 1200 names there! (i mean, it would have been very nice to see amy---we did see her mom and grandparents and uncle, but 1200 names!)

the drive back was fine, a few spits of rain, but clear for the most part. Lots of folks on the road today - - - The rest stop (chesapeake house) was filled with multi-generational groups. Perhaps more grad attendees????


Blogger nm said...

grad attendees for sure. You couldn't get a ticket to BOS for the weekend if you tried. I tried, since my plans had been squashed.

TH said that her drive to Maine today wasn't bad, but the flight into BOS on Saturday was awful.

12:50 AM  
Blogger jk said...

yeah, it was pouring. My flight friday afternoon was delayed, as the plane taking me to boston was also taking people from boston to phl. I got there in heavy fog, but no rain. However, saturday was a soaker, and it was pouring sunday morning.

I flew up in a 319, and the pilot said we'd have no problem with air traffic control, as many smaller planes were grounded. So, that is probably one reason flights were full - - - spillover.

9:13 AM  

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