Friday, May 19, 2006

who knew????? News Staff

Updated: Fri. May. 19 2006 1:15 PM ET

Prince Charles has revealed he is a big fan of Leonard Cohen, describing the Canadian singer-songwriter's work as "terrific stuff."

Waxing lyrical about the reclusive "Poet Laureate of Pessimism," Britain's heir to the throne gave a glimpse into his musical tastes during an interview to mark the 30th anniversary of The Prince's Trust -- a charity he set up to help disadvantaged youngsters.

Sitting alongside his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, Charles, 57, described Cohen as "remarkable" during the television interview.

"The orchestration is fantastic and the words, the lyrics and everything. He is a remarkable man and he has this incredibly laid-back, gravelly voice," he said.

The full interview, conducted by popular British presenters Ant and Dec, will air on Britain's ITV on Saturday.

The lighthearted chat also revealed differences in the three princes' preferred types of entertainment.

When Charles confessed that Cohen was one of his favorite singers, William asked "Is he a jazz player?"

The two princes, meanwhile, revealed they both enjoyed reality TV, including the British music talent show X Factor and American Idol.

Hello Magazine royal correspondent Judy Wade described Cohen as "the perfect choice for a man who is so inward-looking."

"Charles is pessimistic like Cohen. He probably finds him a kindred spirit," she told Reuters.

And royal biographer Penny Junor agreed. "It sums him up," she told Reuters.

"It is an amusing choice. If one had to play those games where you matched someone with someone, this is the perfect choice for an introspective and self-pitying individual. It is almost as if he has just caught up with the Sixties."

The Prince's Trust 30th anniversary celebrations include an event Saturday at the Tower of London, which will see performances by Ozzy Osbourne, Annie Lennox and Lionel Richie.


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