Thursday, July 20, 2006

this horrifies me:

From the Austin Chronicle:

My Migas, My City
Las Manitas and its neighbors become the next crossroads for the future of downtown

This map shows Congress Avenue blocks available for large-scale tower development. 1) Fifth and Congress, northeast corner, would be 47-story mixed-use development (retail, office, residential). 2) Second and Congress, northwest corner, proposed for Congress Avenue Condominiums, 40-story, 250 condominiums above first-floor retail. 3) Second and Congress, northeast corner, site of Las Manitas, Escuelita del Alma, Tesoros Trading Co.; property owner announced Wednesday a multistory hotel development for the block.
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If we lost Las Manitas Avenue Cafe, would Austin lose a piece of its funky, authentic soul? Is it ridiculous to consider an enchilada joint a cultural institution – even if it has been a favorite hangout of Austin movers-and-shakers for 25 years? Will Austin have made a bargain with el diablo if we let Austin's only full-time downtown child-care center – and a whole row of historic Congress Avenue storefronts that house unique, locally owned businesses – be displaced or demolished in the name of progress?"

read more here:

That reminds me....someone has removed my "keep austin weird" sticker from the side of my office computer. Of course, Austin has changed so much over the past two decades...there's not much "weird" left.


Blogger Mony said...

I think we talked about the rapid change in February while we had our downtown walk.
I think the most charming weird thing about Austin that I noticed my first visit was the deserted nature of downtown. No more!
To get that flavor now you have to go to Wichita Falls.
Too bad about Las Manitas!

3:17 PM  

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