Wednesday, July 19, 2006

guess who's stuck in beirut? Anthony Bourdain.

he posted this yesterday on a website:

"I am still in Beirut. And there ain't no "brave" about it. My crew and I came to a lovely city filled (mostly) with lovely, kind, sophisticated, welcoming and tolerant people and after a couple of days of good times, great food and universal hospitalty, things went suddenly to hell. That's not brave. That's just dealing with cirumstances the best you can...Beirutis are brave. They have to live here. They have lived through every variety of undreamed of horror and survived and proudly rebuilt--and they will surely do so
again. THAT'S brave. As are all the Lebanese emigres and foreign born second generation Lebanese who had recently returned to rebuild and change for the better a place they loved. Those hopes and dreams are smashed for now. And it is a terrible thing to see--a modern, relatively tolerant and enlightened (yet still weak)city like Beirut--only just recovered--systematically dismantled.Destruction comletely out of sync with reason or the rhetoric . The world seems to be demanding of Lebanon: "Clean your own house", knowing full well (presumably) that the fragile govt. and non-existent effective military here(as opposed to the dangerously flush-with-foreign money and materiel Hezbollah) could barely police a Who concert. Me and my crew are stll here but likely out soon. Still safe. Still well looked after. But sickened and terribly saddened by what we are seeing."

travel safely chef!


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