Tuesday, September 05, 2006

it was supposed to rain buckets over the weekend, but didn't. I mean, there was some rain, but nothing like the deluges expected.
And what happens when rain doesn't arrive on schedule? It shows up later...like early this morning.

It was pouring, no, teeming, when I left the house at 730 this morning. I was very soggy on the train, but totally soaked by the time i walked the two-plus blocks to my office. And yes, I did have a jacket, a nice waterproof one with a hood. I thought about wearing the burberry trench (all good reporters must have one!), but I don't have a rainhat! And an umbrella is no good at all in rain like this.

I did roll up my jeans, so that the too long legs wouldn't be too badly soaked. Not that it helped.

So, I arrive in the office, soaked. Actually, only the front of my legs, thigh to toes, soaked. THe backs were kinda dry.

But there's a good news, bad news kinda ending for this one. The good news is that I have an extra pair of jeans in my desk, just for days like this. The bad new? I haven't worn them in close to 10 years. More bad news: Very bad style for me. high waisted, very baggy legs. No pleats, thank god!

The good news? They fit. Amazing, isn't it? Even better: I've got a small heater in here, and the ones I wore in are finally dry. Only took 5 hours.

I was smart enough to wear my crocs today, and not shoes that would stay wet. I also have a pair of running shoes and sock here, but didn't need to put them on.


Blogger Z said...

Anth won't let me wear my crocs in public! Hmph. Just because they're lime green!

5:22 PM  
Blogger jk said...

well, i have the sage green ones. Kinda mild in color. Perhaps that's the way to go???

my first pair (2+ years ago) were red, and made my feet look like canoes. i think the sizing has changed since then, as these look fine. Well, not if hate crocs....

7:08 PM  

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