Saturday, October 21, 2006

another whirlwind week. JDG is in town, I had lunch with him on Wednesday, Mark too. He's staying at mark's, and has told mark "thanks for loaning me your family." Seemed happy at lunch, and also at the Thursday show....though mark says today has been kind of rough due to the setting of the show in baltimore last night. In a bowling alley. An active bowling alley. I'm hoping things are a bit brighter now, and all will be well for the show tonight.

I didn't travel up to baltimore, I went over to the birchmere to see guy clark. Who's looking quite well himself....much better than he did in April. He sounded wonderful, as usual.

Slaid Cleaves was the opener, and we spent an hour or so catching up. I had this irrational sense of pride while watching him on many years ago was it that we sat around dreaming of that stage? 5? 10 is more like it. Anyway, it was wonderful to just hang out and find out what the plan is these days. I told him my advice was now free, and to pick my brain anytime. And even better than free is the fact that my advice is likely to be much better than it was when we were working together. I'd like to think I've picked up a few tricks in the passing years!

And yes, Mony----ronda did show up at the Amsterdam gig. I guess she's back in Austin today, just in time for the Stones show. Or was that last weekend?

I've wasted much of today straightening out some computer problems (the pc, not the mac), doing some wash, reading the paper, and trying to ignore a booming headache.

Sound check is at 530, I told mark i'd show up around then, but it's more likely to be 630 the way I'm moving. Cross your fingers that things go well....i want to see Jon Dee leaving town happy.


Blogger nm said...

Sounds like fun! I am about 65% today, less pain, more mobility. I spent 1.5 hours pruning and clipping and decided to leave the picking up to my garden helper who is coming tomorrow.

Next on my list, scaring the dog with a whirlwind pick up and then getting an overdue pedi.


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