Saturday, September 30, 2006

really, i am still alive. Mony could testify.

I don't think you need to read a blow by blow description of the rest of the week, but i could fill in the blanks if there's any interest.

One highlight was hooking up with an old friend I thought I'd lost. We were work pals a few stops ago, and socialized a lot as well. (in fact, it's probably safe to say she is the reason I'm doing the type of programming I do today---she held a crash course in country music when I started working at that big deal radio station, and later gave me the bluegrass cribnotes I needed to get through my first festival without sounding like an idiot.)

Anyway, we spent loads of time together. She's the one who taught me to can, use a gluegun, and tie a good ribbon bow. Then, suddenly, nothing. My pal suffered a very mysterious illness a few years ago, and really didn't want company. So, after a bit, I stopped calling. When I picked up the phone months later, there was no response from her. Her husband, yes, her no. eventually, I gave up. But i still sent regards via other folks, and made the odd call once a year, or so.

I walk over to greet someone on Tuesday, look up, and see my old pal sitting next to him. She'd actually introduced us a decade or so earlier....anyway, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I rushed over, gave her a big hug, and said "I am so glad to see you!" An awkward second later, the years rolled away, and the conversation flowed as if we'd been talking every day for the past five years.

I think that was the best thing to come out of my long soujourn in nashville.

The second best? Seeing this grand finale at the americana music awards.

That's rosanne cash checking out, not really, she's probably just getting info about the key, or who's singing first. Elvis Costello is to her right, and her ex-husband Rodney Crowell is to the front and (stage) right of Elvis. Who's the angel in white? Well, think back a few years. Recognize this?

that's right, it's Miss Barbara Jean, from Robert Altman's classic "nashville." Ronee Blakely was honestly considered one of the "next big things" in music before (and right after) that film was released. She even toured with Bob Dylan during Rolling Thunder. RB says she's got some more songs on the way.


Blogger nm said...

Just being able to pick up is the sign of a deep and lasting friendship.

Very nice and I'm glad you have surfaced.

Are we going to be seeing the family K next weekend?


10:25 PM  
Blogger Mony said...

as I know a bit about the number of folks you talked with during the last ten days (actually I have only an inkling) I will say that is about the nicest tribute to a long and lasting friendship that I have ever of those 'gold' friends

2:46 AM  
Blogger jk said...

nope, i really will be in san francisco. And the other k's will be in atlanta, as miss e will be celebrating a bit birthday soon.

3:11 AM  

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