Monday, September 25, 2006

back from the dead, part 2!

Thursday dawned bright. So bright that both Ann (who'd flown in from boulder at about 11 pm) and I were up with the chickens. I never remember to bring clothespins to make sure hotel curtains stay closed, with no bright light gap in the middle. Once or twice, I've used packing tape to make sure they don't gape at the sides, but that wasn't needed this time!

A quick snack in the club (thanks marriott for the upgrade! A quiet room was a "must" for part two of my stay (days 4-10) , and they upgraded me to the top floor. No banjos!

The day was something of a blur, but I know it involved seeing some music, listening to some experts, and chowing on something. More music at night, back at that too loud club. Smoky, too. Thank god i was with friends! Otherwise I would have found myself going up to complete strangers, and asking them to "smell my head!"

This is not some untoward kink, it's really just a mechanism to figure out if I have to wash my big thick (dry) head of hair, or if I can get another day out of it. Answer? Break out the shampoo and conditioner, which I did on Friday morning.

Despite the noise and the smoke, we saw a couple of good songs from Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives, and also from Darrell Scott.

The evening started back at the station inn, where we watched the Sparrow Quartet, led by Abby Washburn. I'm sure I've raved about Abby before....the quartet will soon be in China and Tibet, the first US band to tour tibet! No slouches them! Chatted a bit with Abby and Bela after the show, it's always good to see them! Abby and I are going to try to get together for a short interview this week, so I can get the word to my Chinese listeners!


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I just love Marty Stuart :)

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