Saturday, September 23, 2006

back from the dead, part 1!

greetings from nashville! I've been here since wednesday, but things have been so busy that i've barely had time to thing, let alone type!

my flight was a bit late on wed, but rob waited and was near baggage claim by the time i toddled down there. Got the rental with no problems, but hit a huge traffic jam about two mile out of the airport. So much for getting downtown by 11!

We finally made it, dropped bags, picked up registration stuff, and immediately headed to provence for an early lunch. The curried chicken lentil (or lintel, as it was spelled)soup was just fine, and the asparagus salad was also quality stuff!

Satisfied, we headed back to the hotel, where i managed to talk myself into an upgrade to the concierge level. That proves to be a wise move, as it means free breakfast (mon-fri), and evening drinks during the week.

but back to business: the conference. just fine, thank you. panels were good, always wonderful to see my ama friends, etc, etc.

I met up with a few friends, and headed over to the first party of the week, a welcome thing at the Cannery. TOO LOUD was our main conclusion. I can't even remember who was making music, it was all TOO LOUD to hear.

A few beers later, it was time to head out for showcases.

Mona came into town that evening and met us at the world famous Station Inn to hear chris smither. He was wonderful, as usual. But I wasn't the only one thinking so: the room was silent. Not the usual chattery mess that surrounds an industry showcase! Mony took a few pictures, perhaps she'll post them here!

Jeez, was that just wednesday in a nutshell? I guess so!


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