Friday, December 09, 2005

it's friday, and dc is digging out from beneath some very wet and icy snow. I was up, out, and shoveling by 630, done about an hour later, and in the office about an hour later than that. It's very quiet today, most folks deciding to burn leave and stay home.

But i'm off to london next week, and will find myself with only a week or so of leave left when i return. I like to have more stockpiled, just in case a wonderful trip falls in my lap.

As crazy as dc gets in winter weather, I believe we're doing better than my frozen friends in Austin. The high there yesterday was in the mid-20s, and everything seems to have been shut down.

And, as it is Friday, it means another column from Alex Kapranos in the Guardian.

I'm enjoying these. His writing is quirky, though a bit lofty at times. Another friend can't stand it...she thinks it unseemly (and embarrassing) for a rock star to write a food column in a newspaper. Makes him look soft, not dangerous. A bit twee, perhaps.

In a way she's right...but the reality is many of the musicians i've worked with are quite literate, sometimes eloquent. The songwriters usually turn out to be pretty good storytellers. Most could probably helm a newspaper column without too much trouble. Asking for a weekly column might be a bit much, however.

And I'm not sure they'd be able to get down and dirty with the partridges, or whatever Alex is plucking for dinner in this column.,16525,1663416,00.html


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we got freezing rain last night.
why is this? it was cold enough to snow...
it was precipitating.. so why the freezing
rain, and no snow? what twisted, evil forces
are at work here?

i agree with you. many musicians i know are
elequent writers...AND great cooks. in fact,
that could be a column. each week, a different
musician can write about their favorite recipe.
they can call it, "tales from the acoustic kitchen",
or something equally nauseating and pretentious.
it would be great. who do we talk to?

11:49 AM  
Blogger jk said...

god, i love it. Let's rush and put a hold on the idea. maybe you should contact our favorite former network journalist and see if she can find placement at one of the papers she had to hustle (i mean contact)while getting publicity for her film.

as for why you got freezing rain, and not snow---I think it has something to do with air temperature. The air temperature is warmer, but the surface (dirt, or concrete) is colder, so the rain freezes on contact. This I believe, but then again I'm not a meteorologist. (see a post from last week for my musings on that topic!)

12:30 PM  

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