Monday, May 22, 2006

i had a slow, but music filled weekend. Actually, it's me that is slow my friends will be amazed to hear that I not only stayed up til 130 on friday night, but i actually slept past dawn. And all the way to 9am. Not like me at all!

I am taking the day off today to celebrate my birthday. So far, i'm not doing a hell of a lot, but i am enjoying not doing it! kind of a waste to take a day off when we've got a holiday (and I'm taking five more next week), but hey, it's my leave that won't exist when i want it!

musicwise, the weekend was all about abigail washburn and the sparrow quartet, featuring her regular duo partner ben sollee, along with casey driessen and bela fleck. (I don't have the accent to write bela's name correctly, sorry about that!)

This is the group that abby took to china, but they'd never really played in the US before. Both local shows were filled, some there simply to see bela in a small club, but many because they've become fans of abby's through her solo tours, and her stuff with uncle earl.
took some pics, but conditions were not favorable. However, these give you the general idea.


Anonymous mony said...

Happy, happy birthday, jk! The day off is a good idea, and I hope you enjoy every minute.

10:02 AM  
Blogger jk said...

why thank you! I am lazing around with my wifi at this moment. Haven't even read the paper yet!

i may treat myself to the new york times, just to do the crossword in ink. Something i can do on mondays, but not always on friday, which seems to mean the urban myth that the puzzles are easier at the start of whe work week is true!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous mony said...

Very good idea, start with success.

10:50 AM  

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