Wednesday, December 14, 2005

jeez, who turned the heat off out there? it's 16 degrees!

I'm off to london this evening, where it's a balmy (and i almost typed blimey!) 45 degrees. Was to fly via ORD...which allows for a bit longer nap on the o'nite flight, but weather concerns has me back on the dulles nonstop. It's a 747, and cheers to me, I was able to keep my upgrade and get an upper deck seat.

I guess that's to counteract the news I got from my (wonderful) dentist this morning...happy holidays, I'll need a thousand dollars or so from you early next year for a crown. But hey, I shouldn't complain. My teeth are in good shape, thanks to the good dr. (who told me to stay away from stale scones this trip. And pretzels.)

Off to pack. trying to not take the kitchen sink, this time.


Blogger nm said...

don't take the kitchen sink, but remember you will have space after TH gets her pants.


2:29 PM  

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