Monday, May 22, 2006

thank you lee! she sent me a very in-jokey tshirt. I don't usually wear graphics spashed across my chest, but i will make an acception here.

I have known lee for over half my life at this time---we met on the first day of college. or maybe it was the second---i know that by the time i'd been there a week we were friends!

and, oh, the stories she could tell. If she wanted to. but not til sasha is an adult, I guess. Of course, you could change the names. Or at least yours....


Anonymous mony said...

let us have a pic--unless you want to save it for a surprise when you wear it later

10:51 AM  
Blogger jk said...

hmm. i may have to save it. i think i'll wait and get you a picture with lee, too!

11:11 AM  
Anonymous lee said...

*giggle* Glad you like it. Thought it might just be subtle enough to get away with. Or, you could wear it under something else, and laugh quietly to yourself.

I bought 2 for me as well; couldn't resist. (One is about as subtle as a ton of bricks. Something about making a screwdriver more "sonic".)

As for those stories, I think I'll have to change ALL the names....

11:42 AM  

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